Expository and Argumentative Writing

This first year composition course prepared students to write expository and argumentative prose and to analyze their roles in contemporary culture. The course taught students to improve their grasp of standard written English, library research, critical analysis, and creative thinking.

Textbook: Writing Arguments, Brief Penguin Handbook

Course: ENC 1101: Expository and Argumentative Writing
From UF Course Catalog: Credits: 3.The principal elements of writing clearly, efficiently and effectively. ENC 1101 also focuses on writing logical arguments, building research skills and developing critical thinking through reading, writing and discussion. (C) (WR)
Course Title: Expository and Argumentative Writing
Semesters Taught: Fall 2008, Fall 2009 (2 sections), Spring 2010
Mentored Sections:Fall 2011, Fall 2014
Section Size: 19

Portfolio Documents:

ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments
Expository and Argumentative Writing Individually Taught Section, 2010


ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments
Expository and Argumentative Writing
Co-Taught Section as Mentor, 2010


Assignment Sheet for Definition Essay
900 words – Students must define a term, establishing strong criteria, relevant evidence and a compelling thesis that their definition is necessary and precise.


Assignment Sheet for Rhetorical Analysis Essay
750 words – Students must evaluate and analyze a public space and its use of rhetorical appeals in attracting an audience and selling them a product.

Instructions for Peer Review of Rhetorical Analysis Essays
In preassigned groups, students must evaluate peers’ essays for content, argument, organization and support.


Lesson: Homonym Game
Students work together to identify the correct usage of commonly confused homonyms. The team with the highest score wins.