Fall Semester Goals


In the spirit of rendering academic work more transparent, I am going to post my fall semester goals again. I’m hoping this will work as both an accountability tool for myself and a pubic accounting of the work I’m doing in less visible parts of my professional work (specifically in research and service areas).

To Write/Edit

  1. Twitter in the Classroom journal article – November 1 deadline
  2. Digital Pedagogy certificate project – November 15 deadline
  3. Dystopian Trilogies essay for edited collection: December 15 deadline
  4. Introduction for edited collection with co-editor: December 15 deadline
  5. Article on Hewins corpora- source, materials, justification, uses – January



  • ENGL 1101 – 3 sections of “Making the List”: Bestsellers, Best of, and Banned Books
  • Planning ENGL 1102 course on science writing for children for Spring 2017
    • Including partnerships with Baldwin Library and Serve-Learn-Sustain
  • Act as a client for 2 CS-Tech comm teams


Other projects:

  • Assembling corpus based on Hewins “Books for the Young” list
    • Seminar on corpus linguistics and corpora
  • Planning campus wide Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon for Curricular Innovation Committee (March 3, 2018)
  • Planning Scholars’ Council meeting and anniversary events for spring 2018
  • Job market applications

Summer Goals Accountability



As predicted, my summer goals were overly ambitious and I did not accomplish all of them. I think was likely going to be the case no matter what.

However, after a particularly difficult summer personally, I am struggling a bit with how the realities of life can often intrude on our professional work in ways that are also often invisible. There is no space on the CV to report a death in the family or other family emergencies that understandably and rightfully occupy our time and attention, but therefore diminish the output of work that is so often already invisible.

Despite these life events that have made the past few months very difficult, I am pleased to report that I was able to complete some work and made progress on the (overly ambitious) goals I set for myself.

This is the list I posted back in June – crossed out items are done and italics items are much further along than they were at the start of the semester. The items in red . . . remain on the to-do list.

To Write:

  1. Dystopian Trilogies essay for edited collection
  2. Introduction for edited collection with co-editor (outline/notes)
  3. Hewins and Best of List presentation for CHLA (outlined/drafted)
  4. Hewins article based off of presentation and feedback from CHLA
  5. Twitter in the Classroom TechStyle article for the department (drafted – needs polish)
  6. Twitter in the Classroom journal article

To Edit:

  1. Essays from edited collections with co-author (15)
  2. Book project based on dissertation

Other summer plans:

  • Move across town – closer to work, better maintained house
  • Plan new 1101 course on bestsellers, banned books and best of lists, including SLS components
  • Begin assembling corpus based on Hewins “Books for the Young” list
  • ADDED – Complete Strategic Plan Advisory Group (SPAG) Curriculum Design for Effective Team Dynamics initiative
  • ADDED – Lots and lots of personal crises

I do intend to keep making progress on this list over the course of the school year, but I’ll be updating it with the new projects and plans I have coming up in the near future.