Fall Semester Goals


In the spirit of rendering academic work more transparent, I am going to post my fall semester goals again. I’m hoping this will work as both an accountability tool for myself and a pubic accounting of the work I’m doing in less visible parts of my professional work (specifically in research and service areas).

To Write/Edit

  1. Twitter in the Classroom journal article – November 1 deadline
  2. Digital Pedagogy certificate project – November 15 deadline
  3. Dystopian Trilogies essay for edited collection: December 15 deadline
  4. Introduction for edited collection with co-editor: December 15 deadline
  5. Article on Hewins corpora- source, materials, justification, uses – January



  • ENGL 1101 – 3 sections of “Making the List”: Bestsellers, Best of, and Banned Books
  • Planning ENGL 1102 course on science writing for children for Spring 2017
    • Including partnerships with Baldwin Library and Serve-Learn-Sustain
  • Act as a client for 2 CS-Tech comm teams


Other projects:

  • Assembling corpus based on Hewins “Books for the Young” list
    • Seminar on corpus linguistics and corpora
  • Planning campus wide Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon for Curricular Innovation Committee (March 3, 2018)
  • Planning Scholars’ Council meeting and anniversary events for spring 2018
  • Job market applications