Technical Communication

Course: LMC 3403 Technical Communication
From Georgia Tech LMC Website: In addition to English 1101 and English 1102, the Writing and Communication Program offers a third core course, LMC 3403, Technical Communication, which introduces third and fourth year students to basic skills and strategies necessary for effective communication in technical and scientific fields. We also offer discipline-specific and major-specific technical communication courses.
Semesters Taught: Fall 2015
Section Size: 23 (3 sections)

 Portfolio Documents:


LMC 3403 Spring 2016 Syllabus (PDF)
Technical Communication


Unit 1: Designing a User-Focused Professional Website Assignment Sheet (PDF)
In this unit, students will design a public-facing professional website to host professional materials that will improve their online professional personas. After completing a polished draft of that website, students will conduct a user test of the website, compile the data and write a usability report recommending revisions and changes for the final version of the website.


Unit 2: Refining Research and Presentation Skills Assignment Sheet (PDF)

In this unit, students will research a K-12 school district in the state of Georgia and write a persuasive research report convincing his or her team to take this district on as a client. Students will then propose an innovative STEM intervention (program, service, product) that will help that specific district to increase interest in STEM: students will use a pecha kucha style presentation to persuade his or her team to write a grant focused on this particular intervention.


Examples of Student Work: Fall 2015
The following links (shared with students’ permission) show a group’s final project proposing an innovative STEM mentoring program for students in high school through a smartphone app.
HIVE’s iMeet program website
iMeet “Pitch” video: designed to solicit corporate partnerships
iMeet Testimonial videos: fictional “student” testimonials about how the iMeet program changed their lives