Writing Through Media: Fairy Tale Adaptations

This writing course introduced students to different writing tools, platforms, and media, as well as a number of different writing genres. Students studied multiple versions of six classic fairy tales, including novelizations and film adaptations, as well as meme theory and adaptation theory. Written work included a summary/analysis of a scholarly essay, an advertising campaign based on fairy tale memes, public blog posts, and a creative retelling of a fairy tale.

Textbook: The Classic Fairy Tales Ed. Maria Tatar.
Novels included: Sisters Red, Ash, Cinder, The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Samurai and Strands of Bronze and Gold.

Course: ENG 1131: Writing Through Media
From UF Course Catalog:Credits: 4; Prereq: ENC 1101 or test score equivalent.This course is the media studies equivalent of ENC 1102, Writing About Literature. It explores the practices of literacy in the context of popular culture, including cinema, television, advertising, popular fiction and journalism. (C or H) (WR)
Course Title: Fairy Tale Adaptations
Semesters Taught: Fall 2013
Section Size: 19

Portfolio Documents:

ENG1131: Writing Through Media Syllabus
Fairy Tale Adaptations


Assignment Sheet and Grade Rubric for Group Advertising Project
Students must create a “pitch” for a fairy-tale themed advertising campaign using at least 3 different forms of media to sell the same product.


Assignment Sheet and Grade Rubric for Soundtrack
Students must create a 6-10 track soundtrack for the fairy tale adaptation of their choice, focusing on mood, tone and distinctive elements of the adaptation.


Assignment Sheet and Grade Rubric for Final Project
Students must create their own creative fairy tale adaptation in the medium of their choosing. Student and instructor will work together to design the grade rubric.


Writing Through Media: Fairy Tale Adaptations
Course Blog. Students write weekly blog posts in response to prompts and class readings, or respond to peer’s posts.


Course Twitter. Students live tweet film screenings and share interesting fairy tale related stories.