Summer 2017 Writing and Research Goals


In the spirit of making more of my work public as a part of this accountability experiment, I am going to post my summer goals here. I have two major projects I plan to tackle over the course of the summer, and then a couple of articles that are in various states of progress that I am hoping to finish, polish and send out.

To Write:

  1. Dystopian Trilogies essay for edited collection (research done, ¾ drafted)
  2. Introduction for edited collection with co-editor (outline/notes)
  3. Hewins and Best of List presentation for CHLA (outlined/drafted)
  4. Hewins article based off of presentation and feedback from CHLA (1/2 drafted, tons of research and notes)
  5. Twitter in the Classroom TechStyle article for the department (drafted – needs polish)
  6. Twitter in the Classroom journal article (outlined, ½ drafted, research done)


To Edit:

  1. Essays from edited collections with co-author (15)
  2. Book project based on dissertation (opening moves complete, goal is to set plan for the year)

(Like most things, this is super ambitious and unlikely to actually all be completed come August.)


Other summer plans:

  • Move across town – closer to work, better maintained house
  • Plan new 1101 course on bestsellers, banned books and best of lists, including SLS components